Enhanced Webfax Service Login

Enhanced Webfax service gives you the flexible combination of a Virtual Fax Number and a mailbox. The service enables you to send messages from the Internet using Webfax user ID and password:

  • Fax
  • Email
  • SMS & MMS*

For sending faxes, log on and compose your message from the "Fax Composer". Specify a single or multiple addresses you want to send the fax to. Write the message text and optionally attach one or more documents and click on the "Send" button.

*You can send SMS from "SMS composer" and MMS from "MMS composer" and specify the destination numbers. MMS feature is coming soon.

To compose your fax, email, SMS & MMS from the "Compose" option, the following formats should be used:

  • FAX : 123456789@fax.webfax.ae
  • email: email address
  • SMS : 123456789@sms.webfax.ae
  • MMS : 123456789@mms.webfax.ae (coming soon)
  • Broadcast FAX: [VFN GROUP]@bcfax.webfax.ae

The service enables you to receive messages in your Webfax mail box, wherever and whenever most convenient for you:
- Fax**
- Email

**Faxes sent to your Virtual Fax Number are received into your Webfax mailbox, where you can read them as emails, reply, forward, delete or print them.

Only pay a minimal subscription for the service, and a flat rate regardless of distance to send faxes, SMS & MMS from anywhere in the UAE. The same rates are applicable to use Webfax to send faxes to the UAE from abroad.